Correlation of Whole Blood Concentrations of Acetoacetate, β-Hydroxybutyrate, Glucose and Milk Yield in Dairy Cows as Studied Under Field Conditions

Kauko Kauppinen
1983 Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica  
KAUPPINEN, KAUKO: Correlation of whole blood concentrations of acetoacetate, glucose and milk yield in dairy cows as studied under field conditions. Acta vet. scand. 1983, 24, 337-348. -The whole blood concentrations of acetoacetate (AA concn), (BHB concn) and glucose (gluc concn) of 662 Ayrshire and Friesian dairy cows were measured and their milk yield during the indoor-housing period was recorded. Simple correlations am ong these parameters were evaluated. The correlation between the AA
more » ... between the AA concn and the BHB concn (r = 0.869) was statistically highly significant (P < 0.001), as were the correlations of the logarithmic value of the AA concn with the gluc concn (r = --0.471) and with the milk yield (r = 0.259), and the correlation between the BHB concn and the glue concn (r = --0.288) . The milk yield was found also to be associated with the BHB concn and the gluc concn (P <O.O!}!). The associations between each pair of blood parameters were highly significant, too (P < 0.001) . The AA concn was taken to be at least as good an indica-
doi:10.1186/bf03546708 fatcat:fwv52ky2dnd3dfhuuimuoge4vm