Analysis on Influence Factors of Mining Subsidence in Backfilling under Thick Loose Layer

Quan Sen Wu, Li Shuai Jing, Quan Lin Wu
2017 Journal of Residuals Science and Technology  
Mining subsidence, mine solid waste emissions caused by the direct cause of ecological environment deterioration in mining area, effective control and reduce the surface subsidence and reasonable control and utilization of mine wastes, and realize green mining is a fundamental way to reduce the damage of the ecological environment in mining area. To solve this problem, using FLAC3D three dimensional numerical simulation method, the above four factors were changed to simulate the surface
more » ... and deformation, and the influence of the above four factors on the maximum surface subsidence was discussed. By using the orthogonal experiment, the importance of the four factors is queued, and the correlation degree ranking of the maximum subsidence value is obtained. The influence degree of the factors on the maximum surface subsidence is: the filling ratio, the thickness of the key stratum, the strength of the filling body and the thickness of the loose layer. In this paper, the content of the "three under" pressure coal mining area of production practice to provide basic data, can improve the recovery rate of coal resources, reduce the cost of filling, the maximum economic benefits. Has important practical significance to protect the ground structure, reduce the ecological damage, and realize the sustainable development of coal mine.
doi:10.12783/issn.1544-8053/14/1/31 fatcat:sr45ld7otrddln2vxv247hthia