Mitek Anchor–Augmented Static Facial Suspension

Kathy Yu, Alyn J. Kim, Monica Tadros, Peter D. Costantino
2010 Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery  
Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of the Mitek minianchor suture system as an adjunctive procedure for static facial suspension and assess its ability to improve functional and aesthetic outcomes in patients with complete facial paralyses. Methods: A retrospective review of 5 patients who underwent adjunctive static facial suspension with the Mitek GII minianchor suture system at a tertiary care academic center. A bone anchor in the maxilla connected to 2 suture arms was used. One suture arm
more » ... levated the oral commissure on the paralyzed side. The second suture arm adjusted for upper lip segment asymmetry and Cupid's bow deviation, or lateralized the external nasal valve. Outcome was evaluated by photodocumentation and clinical examination. Results: There was an average of 76.9% improvement in vertical symmetry of the oral commissure (range, 43%-100%), an average of 65.0% improvement in horizontal deviation of the Cupid's bow (range, 50%-100%), and an average of 85.3% improvement in symmetry of upper lip segments (range, 67%-100%). All patients experienced improvement in oral-nasal competency. Conclusions: The Mitek minianchor suture system is a safe and effective adjunctive method to improve facial symmetry and oral-nasal competency in patients with facial paralyses. Its multivector design approximates the ideal positions of key anatomical points of the midface during static facial suspension surgery.
doi:10.1001/archfacial.2010.36 pmid:20479431 fatcat:kevjvmluvzgzdmimip7ty22ewm