Suppressing Li Dendrites via Electrolyte Engineering by Crown Ethers for Lithium Metal Batteries

Shanqing Zhang
2020 Nano-Micro Letters  
Electrolyte engineering is considered as an effective strategy to establish stable solid electrolyte interface (SEI), and thus to suppress the growth of lithium dendrites. In a recent study reported in Advanced Functional Materials by Ma group, discovered that strong coordination force could be founded between 15-Crown-5 ether (15-C-5) and Li+, which facilitates the crown ether (15-C-1) to participate in the solvation structure of Li+ in the electrolyte for the same purpose. Such a novel
more » ... y might impact the design of high-performance and safe lithium metal batteries (LMBs).
doi:10.1007/s40820-020-00501-6 pmid:34138176 fatcat:lfztxxuw2zgzbmajvlzubthedu