2019 International Journal of Geography and Geography Education  
Karahayıt is located in Turkey's southwest within the borders of Denizli. It is one of the rapidly growing tourism centers with its proximity to Denizli province and Pamukkale, a world-famous tourism center located in the region, as well as its hot water, thermal springs, healing mud, and "Red Water" which has spread out of the country in recent years. In this study, the thermal tourism potential of Karahayıt (Denizli) and the tourists' views about thermal tourism were evaluated. In the
more » ... ted. In the questionnaire, which was outlined according to the screening model, the general screening was carried out in two dimensions. The first one is the documentary screening model on the determination of natural and human elements that constitute the thermal tourism potential of Karahayıt research area. The second dimension, on the other hand, is the questionnaire conducted with 150 samples (voluntarily) participating in the study from the local tourist population visiting Karahayıt. In this scope, the related literature and the questionnaire developed by Çetin (2010) were used as the data collection tools. In addition, field studies, field inspections, and interviews were conducted with the locals to obtain the research data. The data obtained from the related literature, field studies and field inspections were examined using descriptive analysis method, while statistical techniques were used in the analysis of the survey data. As a result of the study, it is seen that Karahayıt thermal field has an important potential in terms of thermal tourism. According to the data obtained from the local tourists, the majority (70%) take into account the characteristics of thermal water and the advice the relatives / friends in choosing the facility; they come to Karahayıt because they believe that thermal is beneficial to health (42%), thinks that they are treated rheumatism (28.7%) and joint disorder (13.3%), they are satisfied with the thermal facility (58%) and advice thermal facility which they stayed (55%). However, more than half of the local tourists (62%) believe that the promotion of the region was not sufficient, the social activities carried out in thermal facilities were limited (58%) and the infrastructure in the thermal facilities was insufficient (54%). In Karahayıt, it is necessary to build high quality thermal facilities and to create new areas and activities for recreation. By this way, the region will become more attractive, the satisfaction level of the visitors will increase and at the same time the people of the region will be able to earn more.
doi:10.32003/iggei.562581 fatcat:ev3qkuv2pne6xajiourcgiyusa