Robust equilibrium investment and reinsurance strategy with bounded memory and common shock dependence

Sheng Li
2021 Reserche operationelle  
In this paper, we consider the robust investment and reinsurance problem with bounded memory and risk co-shocks under a jump-diffusion risk model. The insurer is assumed to be ambiguity-averse and make the optimal decision under the mean-variance criterion. The insurance market is described by two-dimensional dependent claims while the risky asset is depicted by the jump-diffusion model. By introducing the performance in the past, we derive the wealth process depicted by a stochastic delay
more » ... rential equation (SDDE). Applying the stochastic control theory under the game-theoretic framework, together with stochastic control theory with delay, the robust equilibrium investment-reinsurance strategy and the corresponding robust equilibrium value function are derived. Furthermore, some numerical examples are provided to illustrate the effect of market parameters on the optimal investment and reinsurance strategy.
doi:10.1051/ro/2021182 fatcat:7h6msn3hezennm27q36h4gjufy