A Study on the Fixity of the Memory in Transcendent Theosophy and Neuroscience

Mohammadkazem Elmisola, zohreh salahshour, Alireza Kohansal, Ali Moghimi
2018 حکمت معاصر  
Memory is a potency which makes man to be able to fix and to deposit those data which are being grasped through senses, and to use them whenever are needed. That is why our data remain unchanged and we can clearly remember our past. For Mulla Sadra the memory is unchanged because it is an abstract entity. Based upon his theory, all corporeal entities are constantly moving. Therefore if the memory is corporeal, it has to be subject to the change. But neuroscientists do not consider all motions
more » ... sider all motions as change. So for them the motions at the level of subatomic or atomic world do not make any change in the biological world. Even if it is considered to be a change by transcendent theosophy, but for neuroscientists only those changes at the level of neuron sells can change the memory, thus they attribute the fixity of the memory to the fixity of coding the genes and accordingly coding the neurons, and if any kind of confusion occurs in this function, we will lose our memory. Therefore for them the memory is corporeal, and in spite of being so, in normal conditions no change occurs in its deposited data. Thus to prove the abstractness of the memory we have to utilize other reasons.
doi:10.30465/cw.2018.3413 doaj:b2d8971ed6ae453cb19fbcd95a2d2f92 fatcat:mjntwr3oizdgtlyvqag7i7i6wa