Demand for functional elements of sports climbing shirts
스포츠 클라이밍용 셔츠의 기능성 요소 수요

Eunjung Seo, Jongsuk Chun
2014 The Research Journal of the Costume Culture  
The purpose of this study was to investigate the demand for functional elements of sports climbing shirts. Questionnaire survey data were collected from adult (n=53) and adolescent (n=55) sports climbers. The questionnaire explored respondents' sports climbing activities and need for functional design features of sports climbing shirts. Their design preferences and purchasing value were also investigated. The results showed that respondents regarded ergonomic design and the use of intelligent
more » ... se of intelligent material as important elements of expert-level sports climbing shirts. Compared to adolescent, adult respondents were more susceptive to functional design elements such as suitability for climbing motions and ease of dressing or undressing. Also, adult sports climbers were more likely than adolescents to prefer shirts that are tightly fit at the chest. Neither adults nor adolescents favored shirts design that is tightly fit at the neck or armpit. The regular shirts length not covering hips and sleeve length ending at the wrist were preferred. The collar stand should not hit the chin. Adult climbers preferred ergonomically designed sleeves on the back shoulder. Adults and adolescents had different preferences for the front neck zipper length. Adults preferred long front zipper length at chest. These findings suggest that sports climbing shirts should have functional features to prevent interference with climbing movements and improve convenience and stability.
doi:10.7741/rjcc.2014.22.2.198 fatcat:j4o6fumf5nbrjjmcsowa3kjcum