In vitro maturation of bubaline oocytes using bubaline (Swamp Buffalo) follicular fluid

Flocerfida Aquino, Marlon Ocampo, Flocerfida Correspondence, Aquino, Flocerfida Aquino, Marlon Ocampo
2014 35 European Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience   unpublished
The mammalian ovaries are valuable source of oocytes for reproductive biotechnology. Oocytes attain developmental competence in vivo being in follicular fluid so using it as maturation medium could be an option. Swine, bovine, horse, ovine and even murine IVM studies using follicular fluid gave favorable effects. Bubaline IVM experiment in CRD made use of 271 oocytes from buffalo ovaries. The oocytes were subjected to five maturation media: pure TCM 199 (T 1); 50% TCM 199 + 50% BuFF from 2-5 mm
more » ... 0% BuFF from 2-5 mm follicle size (FS) (T 2); pure BuFF from 2-5mm FS (T 3); 50% TCM 199 + 50% BuFF from 5-8mm FS (T 4) and pure BuFF from 5-8 mm FS (T 5). The oocytes were cultured for 22-24 hours at 38 o C, 5% CO2 in air and high humidity inside the incubator. The oocytes were then fixed, stained, destained and evaluated their developmental competence. In all the treatments, no significant differences were observed in the IVM stages of bubaline oocytes. The percentage values of matured oocytes ranged from 64.44% to 79.72%. The size of the follicles used in Treatments 2 and 3 showed no significant variations on oocyte maturation from Treatments 4 and 5. BuFF can be a substitute for TCM 199 in pure form or in combination with TCM 199 in bubaline IVM studies.