Lactobacillus GG for Treatment of Acute Childhood Diarrhoea

Sandhya Jain
2019 Asian Journal of Medical Research  
Diarrhoea is a Greek word that's literal meaning is "to flow through like a stream". Diarrhoea is defined as the passage of 3 or more liquid or watery stools in a day with change in consistency and character of the stools. Subjects and Methods: Using this data set, it was calculated that 130 subjects were needed to be enrolled (65 subjects in cases & 65 subjects in controls) to detect a mean difference in duration of diarrhoea of 24 hours in the both group. Results: Out of 265 children, 130
more » ... 5 children, 130 were found eligible and enrolled in the study, 127 (97.69%) completed the 7 days follow-up. Two child discontinued the intervention after discharge on day 3 in the intervention group, and three children did not come for follow-up in the control group. Conclusion: Lactobacillus GG in dose of 10 billion cfu/ day for five days given to children aged under five resulted in shortening of the duration of diarrhoea and faster improvement in stool consistency.
doi:10.21276/ajmr.2019.8.2.pe2 fatcat:cs7nf4zvhrgh3gbssqrupvwvri