Correlation of CPX Scores with the Scores on Written Multiple-Choice Examinations on the Certifying Examination for Family Medicine in 2009 to 2011

Jung Jin Cho, Ji Yong Kim, Hoon Ki Park, In Hong Hwang
2011 Korean Journal of Medical Education  
3개년도 가정의학과 전문의 자격시험에서 임상진료시험 결과 및 필기시험 성적 간의 상관관계 1 한림대학교성심병원 가정의학과, 2 강북삼성병원 서초클리닉, 3 한양대학교병원 가정의학과, 4 한림대학교강동성심병원 가정의학과 Purpose: Recently, the clinical practice examination (CPX) using standardized patients has been introduced into several specialty certifying examinations in Korea. The purpose of this paper was to determine the correlation of a resident's performance on the CPX with the comprehensive written multiple-choice question (MCQ) examination on the certifying examination for family
more » ... ination for family medicine. Methods: The subjects of this study were 1,023 residents who completed the 1st and 2nd certifying examination for family medicine between 2009 and 2011. We determined the correlation between the total scores and 4 domain scores (history taking, physical examination, patient education, and patient-physician interaction) on the CPX with the MCQ scores of the 1st written test and 2nd slide examination and the correlation between the total CPX score and scores on the CPX domains. Results: The correlation between CPX score with each MCQ examination (0.21~0.45 with 1st written MCQ, 0.15~0.33 with 2nd slide MCQ) was lower than that between each MCQ examination (0.46~0.59). The CPX score on patient education did not correlate with the 1st written and 2nd MCQ scores. The CPX scores on history taking and physical examination correlated slightly with the 1st written MCQ scores. The global ratings of preceptor examiners had the highest correlation (r=0.68~0.82) with the total CPX scores. Conclusion: Considering the mild correlation of CPX scores with each MCQ examination, the CPX is more likely to measure other qualities, such as critical thinking and communication skills.
doi:10.3946/kjme.2011.23.4.315 pmid:25812691 fatcat:d36cboxzc5brxnue5c7smdro5m