Men Reflecting on Prevention of Conjugal Violence Approach

Adelma do Socorro Gonçalves Pimentel
2015 Psychology  
The theme is part of a field of study on gender, health and violence; it narrates the perspectives of military policemen on domestic violence and the forms of prevention suggested to both men and women. As for the psychological point of view, the gestalt phenomenological clinic is the area of focus based on the area of human rights. We understand that conjugal violence provokes psychic and intersubjectivity suffering for the distortion it causes on how men make contacts and social adjustments,
more » ... ocial adjustments, in other words, for the introjection of conceived male models. The subjects of research were college graduates between 19 and 30 years of age. We used a questionnaire with three integrated parts: 1) identification of informant and wife/partner; 2) experience with situations of violence; 3) prevention. This paper covers only the third part. The results show that the definitions of violence indicate disrespect, imposition and lack of emotional control. As for prevention, the suggestions made to the wives highlighted self-control and report to the police, that they are conscious of their emotions, and if they are unable to live in a healthy conjugal relationship, that they terminate their marriage/involvement. For the men, the suggestions focused mainly on equality of rights, to see women not as an object but to take good care of their wives/partners. As a conclusion, we have indicated brief psychotherapy and the group as an intervention for the psychological suffering originated from experience with violence, to welcome and listen to the men, woman and the couple, the depathologization, and the exam of nexus relations between genders, equality and power.
doi:10.4236/psych.2015.614188 fatcat:xrej55tcrjcntoelbs3rgkgde4