trans-Dichloridotetrakis(pyridine-κN)rhodium(III) chloride methanol tetrasolvate

Takayoshi Suzuki, Misaki Tsujino, Yukinari Sunatsuki
2018 IUCrData  
In the solvated title salt, [RhCl2(C5H5N)4]Cl·4CH3OH, the RhIIIatom lies on a special position of 2.22 site symmetry. Consequently, the cationic complex has molecularD2symmetry with atransdisposition for two equivalent Cl−and four equivalent pyridine ligands. The Rh—Cl and Rh—N bond lengths are 2.3452 (7) and 2.064 (2) Å, respectively. The planes of the coordinating pyridine ligands are tilted synchronously, with a dihedral angle of 40.76 (9)° between the least-squares pyridine plane and the
more » ... rdination plane defined by the RhIIIand four pyridine N atoms. The chloride counter-anion is located on a crystallographic \overline{4}.. site, and is surrounded by four methanol molecules to which it is bound in a pseudo-tetrahedral arrangement by O—H...Cl hydrogen bonds.
doi:10.1107/s2414314618014827 fatcat:zfgmwzxdgfbyxllzy4nmen2gri