A Counterbalanced Draw Bridge

1890 Scientific American  
A COUNTERBALANCED DRAWBRIDGE. There is a new railroad bridge over the Morris Canal between the towns of .Tersey City and Lafayette, N. J., which from its simple const, ruction and easy manipu lation i� worthy of notice. The draw of the bridge, which is about 25 ft. long, is manipulated by haUll power. The entire lellgth of the bridge is 55 ft. The principle of operation is clearly shown in the accompa nying illustration. The weight of the draw being about three tons, two count.erbalanced
more » ... are employed weighing three thousand pounls each, made of cast iron in the shape of a cylinder, about 3 ft. in diameter, and mounted in such a way as to be rotatable on their
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11291890-345 fatcat:dhgokxu3cneulptj3o3z2oxpq4