Age and Czechs' Attitudes about the Post-Communist Reforms
Postoje české populace k reformám a transformaci z hlediska věku

Joseph Hraba, Rehan Mullick, Frederick O. Lorenz, Jiří Večerník
2001 Czech Sociological Review  
The connection between age and attitudes about social change has been a longstanding research interest in the United States. Hypotheses derived from this tradition are tested in the Czech Republic, a country undergoing a thorough societal transformation since 1989. This is done with eleven national surveys between 1990 and 1998, allowing us to examine not only the association between age and opinions about the Czech post-communist reforms, but also change in these relations during the survey
more » ... uring the survey period. Specifically, we first examine how respondents' age is related to their recent economic experiences and the interaction between age and the reform's phase on these experiences net of demographic controls. The association between age and respondents' anxiety about the Czech reforms is the second focus, with tests for the interaction between age and time on this anxiety, and controls include economic experiences. Then we examine the relationship between age and respondents' support for the economic reforms, again with tests for the interaction between age and time, while controlling for anxiety as well. Older Czechs were generally more conservative about the reforms net of their economic experiences and anxiety about them, but these age differences did not change with the reform's phases.
doi:10.13060/00380288.2001.37.3.05 fatcat:riak4tahlnfgjhu7w3mu7xoyze