A Delay Efficient and Bursty Traffics Friendly MAC Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
무선 센서 네트워크에서 지연과 버스티 트래픽에 적합한 MAC 프로토콜

Hye Yun Kim, Seong Cheol Kim
2017 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
Data packets from sensor nodes scattered over measuring fields are generally forwarding to the sink node, which may be connected to the wired networks, in a wireless sensor network. So many data packets are gathered near the sink node, resulting in significant data packet collisions and severe transmission latency. In an event detection application such as object tracking and military, bursty data is generated when an event occurs. So many data packet should be transmitted in a limited time to
more » ... a limited time to the sink node. In this paper, we present a delay efficient and bursty traffic friendly MAC protocol called DEBF-MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks. The DEBF-MAC uses a slot-reserved mechanism and sleep period control method to send multiple data packets efficiently in an operational cycle time. Our simulation results show that DEBF-MAC outperforms DW-MAC and SR-MAC in terms of energy consumption and transmission delay.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2017.20.2.254 fatcat:tftonvleqjdcjhowsnpb6pseze