Internal Cooling

S Hosseinalipour, P Afkari, H Shahbazian, Seyed Hosseinalipour, Parisa Afkari, Hamidreza Shahbazian
2017 Modares Mechanical Engineering   unpublished
Gas turbine power and thermal efficiency increase with inlet temperature. Considering the temperature limitations for the alloys used in gas turbine components, employment of techniques for reduction of these components temperatures seems to be an essential subject. Nowadays, the V-shape rib technology due to high heat transfer coefficient is of interest to researchers of internal cooling of gas turbine blades technologies. The purpose of this feasibility study is to investigate the two
more » ... V-shaped ribs for the two cases of staggered and inline ribs in two opposite walls for use in internal cooling of gas turbine blade from heat transfer and fluid flow view and compare their thermal performance. In this work, an experimental result has been used for validation of numerical simulation and then results were compared for 2000<Re<6000. The results indicate that secondary flows effects induced by geometric parameters increase heat transfer coefficient, also the outcomes demonstrate an enhancement of ~22% in heat transfer if V-shaped ribs with an angle and downstream orientation are located in staggering form in two opposite walls of a channel. In this case, an increase of 10% is observed for pressure drop, however, its thermal performance increases 12% which is positive and considerable.