Ortho & Rheum Open Access J "Breaking Bad News" Current Practices in Hospitals

Brig Syed, Arsalan Bukhari
2018 unpublished
Objective: To evaluate the current practice of breaking bad news to patients and their relatives in Hospitals and to identify the weaknesses in this practice in light of International standard. Study design: A cross sectional study, through convenience non-probability sampling. Material and methods: The sample size consisted of Administrators of Tertiary Care (n= 20), specialists of Tertiary Care hospitals (n= 40), Ortho-oncology patients of these hospitals (n=60) and their relatives (n=40).
more » ... elatives (n=40). All the people in sample were given structured questionnaire and the inferences were drawn based on the responses given. Results: The results indicated that majority of administrators had not set up any patient doctor communication setups in their hospitals. Most of the specialists were sharing the disease related matters with the patients and their relatives, without any prior preparation. Conclusion: The findings highlighted a persistent major void in this crucial aspect of patient doctor communication .The encouraging aspect was the awareness by all the stake holders of this deficit and a will to initiate proper structured and certified training on the subject.