Post-harvest quality of papaya coated with polivinilic alcohol and maize starch

Mariana Teixeira Pigozzi, Vanessa Mendes Silva, Fabrícia Queiroz Mendes, Isadora Rebouças Nolasco de Oliveira, Allan Robledo Fialho e Moraes, Everaldo Antônio Lopes
2021 Ciência e Agrotecnologia  
Climacteric fruits have short postharvest shelf life. Coating is an alternative to minimize fruit ripening and post-harvest losses. Maize starch (S) and polivinilic alcohol - PVOH (P), isolated or blended, can be used in the formulation of coatings. However, little is known about the potential of PVOH-containing coatings in postharvest conservation of fruits. Papaya were aftercoated with 5 coating formulations: 3% starch (S), 3% PVOH (P), 2.25% S + 0.75% P, 1.5% S + 1.5% P and 0.75% S + 2.25%
more » ... d 0.75% S + 2.25% P. The fruits were kept at room temperature (20 ± 5 °C and 70 ± 10% RH) and physicochemical characteristics were evaluated for up to eight days. Uncoated fruits were used as control. In general, maize starch and PVOH. In general, maize starch and PVOH coatings reduced the weight loss and did not affect total soluble solids concentration. 3% PVOH coating increased the acidity and decreased the pH of the fruits, and excessively inhibited gas exchange between fruit and the environment. In this study, 3% maize starch coating was more efficient in prolonging the postharvest life of papaya.
doi:10.1590/1413-7054202145019120 fatcat:rvwkghhhwjai7eehhky2x4oery