Electrical properties and memory effect in the field effect transistor based on organic ferroelectric insulator and pentacene

Yasumitsu Matsuo, Takehiko Ijichi, Hironori Yamada, Junko Hatori, Seiichiro Ikehata
2004 Open Physics  
AbstractWe have fabricated a field effect transistor (FET) based on an organic ferroelectric insulator and molecular conductor, and investigated the electrical properties and memory effects on the PEN-FET. We have observed a drastic change in the drain current at around the coercive electric fieldE c of the organic ferroelectric insulator in not only a FET (PEN-FET) based on a pentacene (PEN) film but also a FET (IPEN-FET) based on an iodine doped PEN film. The magnitude of the change of the
more » ... he change of the drain current for the IPEN-FET is 200 times larger than that for the PEN-FET. It is expected from these results that the PEN-FET (especially the IPEN-FET) is an improvement in such devices, since it operates at a low gate electric field accompanied by the appearance of the spontaneous polarization in the organic ferroelectric insulator. In addition, we have found that the drain current for the PEN-FET does not return to the initial drain current ofE G=0 V/cm for more than one week, even if the gate electric field is changed to 0 V/cm from 500 V/cm(>E c). From these results, it is suggested that the PEN-FET becomes a memory device.
doi:10.2478/bf02475636 fatcat:ll765emq7nh2vgzi7qq32ik32q