The effect of Al/Si ratio on the transport properties of the layered intermetallic compound CaAl2Si2

Y K Kuo, K M Sivakumar, J I Tasi, C S Lue, J W Huang, S Y Wang, Dinesh Varshney, N Kaurav, R K Singh
2007 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  
We report the results of the electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient as well as thermal conductivity measurements on the stoichiometric CaAl 2 Si 2 and non-stoichiometric CaAl 1.75 Si 2.25 , CaAl 1.9 Si 2.1 , CaAl 2.1 Si 1.9 , and CaAl 2.25 Si 1.75 compounds in the temperature range 10-300 K. It has been found that the magnitude of electrical resistivity decreases for the non-stoichiometric samples, attributed to the shift of Fermi energy from the dip of the density of states as a
more » ... states as a consequence of the changed Si/Al content. In addition, a systematic change in the magnitude of Seebeck coefficient as a function of Al/Si concentration has been observed. The results have been associated with the effect of hole/electron doping on the Fermi level density of states. A detailed analysis of the electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient suggests the presence of two types of charge carrier and the temperature dependent changes in their mobility. From the thermal conductivity results, we correlated the extent of disorder and Al/Si ratio with various thermal scattering mechanisms in the investigated temperature range.
doi:10.1088/0953-8984/19/17/176206 pmid:21690952 fatcat:yapwhbb6t5b7ba4rgrnfvugwou