Dynamics of Information as Natural Computation

Gordana Dodig Crnkovic
2011 Information  
Processes considered rendering information dynamics have been studied, among others in: questions and answers, observations, communication, learning, belief revision, logical inference, game-theoretic interactions and computation. This article will put the computational approaches into a broader context of natural computation, where information dynamics is not only found in human communication and computational machinery but also in the entire nature. Information is understood as representing
more » ... d as representing the world (reality as an informational web) for a cognizing agent, while information dynamics (information processing, computation) realizes physical laws through which all the changes of informational structures unfold. Computation as it appears in the natural world is more general than the human process of calculation modeled by the Turing machine. Natural computing is epitomized through the interactions of concurrent, in general asynchronous computational processes which are adequately represented by what Abramsky names "the second generation models of computation" [1] which we argue to be the most general representation of information dynamics.
doi:10.3390/info2030460 fatcat:xc5owqdjorcivfcqjctnsgn22u