1921 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
Under Section 3 tho Cottroll prccipitntion plnnt is dmcrikd, : i d tho gcnoral priiiciplcs of clccttricnl prccipitntion tlisciissccl. Tho prccipitntion in tho Cottrcll plant is riborit 70-75 por cont., rcprcscntiiig 3 to 3 5 per cont. of tlio total acid cliorgcd to tho coii~entriitor~, atid lcnring 1.0 to 1'2 pcr cent. to go to tho clriinncy. IProm loiir towers tho actual rccorcry riiiis :illout 30 tous of 61 per cciit. H,SO, pcr cliiy, requiring i n clcctricnl energy 620 kw.-lirs. iit tho
more » ... -lirs. iit tho trcntcrs niid 1930 kw.-lirs. for driving tho f i i n . Tlicsc figurcs suggest possibilitics wlieii lnrgc-sciilc opcriitioiis nrc involrcd. Tho tlcscriptivo rwlttcr diows, Iiowcver, that tho plant is 0110 linblo to iiiiiiiy troiiblcs ; t l i n t iiiiiiierous ~nodificntions Iiirvc hiid to be i n t r~l u c c d , nnd t l i n t tlio iiccuinuliited cspcricncc lins Icd to t i iicw design of trcntcr-ch:~~nbcr wliicl~ Iins nppnrciitly not bccii tricd ns yct. Itcn~oiis for tho nltcrntions-nctiinl and sirggcstctl-nrc ~+m, i i n t l ndcl ninteriiilly to tlio rduo of the iiiforni:itiu~i contriltutctl.
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