Two cases of chronic myeloid leukemia in pediatric and young adolescent age group

Mohammad Zaid Hossain, Pratyay Hasan, Benozir Ahmed, Kazi Tuba E Mozazfia, Zannatul Ferdush, Homyra Tasnim, Md Sarwar Khan, Md Alamgir Kair
2017 Journal of Dhaka Medical College  
<p>The incidence of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is 1-2 cases/100 000/year, without major geographical differences and the median age of presentation is 60–65 years1 or approximately 67 years. Commonly known as a disease of the elderly, CML rarely affects the pediatric group (0-14 years), or adolescent and young adults (15-29 years). Age specific rate of CML per 100,000 of population, have been reported in pediatric age group as 0.04 and in young adults and adolescent group as 0.22. There is
more » ... as 0.22. There is also much scarcity of available literature on the characteristic, presentation, outcome and response to standard protocol treatment in this age group, although it has been noted recently by many researchers that, they differ significantly from the much commonly affected elderly population. We here report two cases of pediatric and young adolescent CML.</p><p>J Dhaka Medical College, Vol. 25, No.1, April, 2016, Page 74-76</p>
doi:10.3329/jdmc.v25i1.33961 fatcat:aw7gr2wdcnhqhfbe4zihi6wdii