Design of Wireless Black Box for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking and GSM

Vadde Martin, Jonathan Student, Gummadavalli Ramya, M Tech
A flight data recorder (FDR) (also ADR, for accident data recorder) is an electronic device employed to record any instructions sent to any electronic systems on an aircraft. It is a device used to record specific aircraft performance parameters. Another kind of flight recorder is the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), which records conversation in the cockpit, radio communications between the cockpit crew and others (including conversation with air traffic control personnel), as well as ambient
more » ... well as ambient sounds. In some cases, both functions have been combined into a single unit. Popularly referred to as a "BLACK BOX", the data recorded by the FDR is used for accident investigation, as well as for analyzing air safety issues, material degradation and engine performance. Due to their importance in investigating Contrary to the "black box" reference, the exterior of the FDR is coated with heat-resistant bright Red paint for high visibility in wreckage, and the unit is usually mounted in the aircraft's tail section, where it is more likely to survive a severe crash. An accelerometer (MEMS) can be used in an alarm application in which predict before the crash. It can be used as a crash recorder of the flight movements before, during and after a crash. With signals from an accelerometer, a severe accident can be recognized and recorded. Here we are using a controller as heart of the entire system which will make the recorder to get activated when some disturbance is found by MEMS sensor. We are also using GPS module to get the position. GSM is used to get sms to mobile number with location Literature survey Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking system is developed for accidental monitoring. The system consists of cooperative components of an accelerometer, microcontroller unit, GPS device and GSM module. In the event of accident, this wireless device will send mobile phone short massage indicating the position of vehicle by GPS system to family member, emergency medical service (EMS) and nearest hospital. The threshold algorithm and speed of motorcycle are used to determine fall or accident in real-time. The system is compact and easy to install under rider seat. The system has been tested in real world applications using bicycles. The test results show that it can detect linear fall, non-linear fall and normal ride with high accuracy.. Drawback: There is no receiver to get proper location