1920 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
L-GENERAL ; PLANT ; MACHINERY. ABSTRACTS X i z i n g ~nacitincs. J. R. Wcbb Wolvcrhnmpton, nnd Rnnsomc vcr Mchr 1Ifnchncry Co., L a . , [April 30, 1920. Distillation and rectification. L. Gnv. Chini. et Lolidon. Eng. Pnt. 139,018, 13.3.19. (Appl, GO96 /I!).) hid., 1929, 3, l57LlGG. JS n cotitinuons colrilnn tho pnrt bclow tho inlct for the liquid to bo rcctificd wrvcs for the volntilisntion nnd tho pnrt nbovo for tho rcctificntion of tho liquid. itccordilig to one mctliod of working, in which
more » ... working, in which cncli scction of tho lowcr pnrt rcceirc.9 SL siipply of Iicnt nnd tho upper pnrt is coolcd throudiout itu critiro lcngtli, tlic contnct l~c t~r c o n tlio liquid rind tho vnpour phnscs is rcdnccd to n minimum. Ill tho othcr nicthod tho nliole of tho licnt is supplicd to tho lowest section, wliicli is oftcn n boilcr, nnd tho cooling is confined to tho rcflux condenser inoiintcd on tho top of tho column; 111 this mctliod tho contnct bctwcan the phnscs is nt n n i n s i i n i m . It is shorrn thnt tho sccond mctliod is tho morc oficicnt, niid a number of formulm, tnblca, nnd curvcs nro givcn from which it is dcduccd tlint i n tho r;ocond nicthod tho nnrnbcr of scctions rcquird in thc l o w s or rnporising portion of tho colriiiiii is govcrncd by tlio coniposition of tho liquid to bo rcctificd nnd is prncticnlly iiidcpondont of tho nmount of licnt supplicd wlicrcns in tho u p or o r rectification portion of tho coluniii tlio nuinkr of scctions ncccssnry docs dcpcnd upon tho aniount of hcnt supphd to tho bottom scction, but hns n niininiuin vnluo which depends on tho d o s i r d composition of tho condcnsd liquid to bo collcctd. -1V. H. 0. PATESTS. 1Sunporation of icntcr froai aqiieous liquids. A . 4 . Kiinirnlor & Miittor, Anrnu, Switxcrlund. Eng. Conv., 26.2.18. Pat. 123,71G, 24.10.16. (AppI. 17,387/18.) hit. IN tho p r o m s in whicli tho vnpour givcn off from a liquid on ornporntion is Iicntcd by compression nnd iiscd to ovnpornto inoro of tho snino liquid pnrt of tho coinprcssd vnpour is blown into tho Iiquid by 0110 or moro open steam jcta, wliilo n r t pnsscs tliroiigli n coil or otlror known typo of t e n t trans-Inittor.-B. ill. V. Separatiny; Method of arid apparatus f o ror separating and recoveriny (und if desired trusIi-I T~O ) od, yrcuse, f a t , o r futtu rnatter or. tlrc like or otlrcr inaterid f r o m water or otlicr Ii i i i d s or / o r !/ie sepuration of t w o liquids of lii//erent tlcnsrticr. L. Linden, London. Eng. Pat. l38,G55, 19.7.18. (Appl. 7430/18.) d seiwtATisa clinriibcr is divided into tlirco compnrtincnta tyisversely to tho dircctioii of tho flow of liquid. 1110 first nnd third coinpnrtmcnts nro nnrrow and nro Cornid by downwnrd projections froiii tho roof. Tho liquid ontcrs a t tho liquid lovcl n t 0110 end of tho clinmbcr, pnssca do~rii tho first coinpnrtincnt to tho lowcr pnrt of tho chninbcr, nnd tlion horixontnlly across tho chnnibor to tlio third coin artinont wlicro i t passes upwnrds to tho outlot n t t%o snrno /oral ns tiio irilat. Transverso banlo lntcs of sliort hoiglit prcvciit disturbniico of tho Equid in tlio niiddlc compnrttnciit, wliilst pornlit ting light nintcrinl to risc to tho surfnco. This miitorin1 is withdrawn tlirougli a pip0 nt tlio liquid lorel or nn oponiiig in tho roof by rnising tho licnd of liquid. Fntty riinbrinl mny 110 first nicltcd null wnslicd by tho injection of stcnrii tlirougli p i p a lw?low tho flonting nintcrinl. llelo\v tilo lovcl of tho Iiorixoiitnl current of liquid nic plnced trnnfircrso bnlflo pliitcs of sliort lruight for dircctirig tlic lirrivy miitcr~nl, folling out from tlic cnrrcnt, into pockotti lorincd in tlio hottarn of tho clinnibor. Tlicso pocltets linro exit vulvcs I)cIo\v, iind tiru rovidcil witii prforiital pips for tiio trcntnicnt oF t~i c dopaikd tlludgo LoCoro rcniovul if dwircd.-J. J. A SKWT rcrolvcs in a trough-like vcsscl and cnrrics n iiuriil~cr of discs or ~vliecl-lilw mixing incrnbers incliiiccl to tho shnft niid to cach othcr. Tlio troughlike container necd 1i:ii.o only onc npcrturo for filling nnd emptying, bcing rotntcd through about 180' for tlic lattcr purposc.-B. 31. 1 ' . Corttlensiiig apparatcis f o r mfri:ieratircy macliines. L. Chcm nnd W. F. Jcnnings, London. .Eng. Pat. 239,301, 14.5.10. (Appl. 12,134/19.) Ose or rnorc rcrtical scrics OF horizontal tubas ie divided into groups by liendors a t tho cnds of tho tubes, tlio groups decreasing in number or sizc) of of tlio vnpoiir. \rliicli p:issm upwards irisido tho tubes in zig?zcig fnsliion niid dccrcnscs in voIumo becnriso of condcnsation, iiiny rornain constant. The tubes nrc coolcd by u wntor spray outside, nnd their cnds nro rcduccd i n dinmctcr so thiit thoy inny bc fnstcried (e.y., by welding) into tho hcndcre nnd yot lic wry closo to cnch othcr in ordcr to mnintnin n iiniform Bliii of cooling wntcr. The interiors of tho hundcrs nro provided with bnlllcs slopin dowlirrards to cfrcct scpnrntion of tho liquid nn6: vnpour.--13. 3I. V. Dryiny cylinders; Steam inlet and water outlet of Tire hollow trnnnion of n drying cylindcr is pr+ vidcd with n roniovnhlo cnp which docs not rotnto with tho cylinder; tho cnp cnrrics n stcnin inlet pipc, I I wntcr outlot pip0 oxtonding into nnd bonding down to nenr tho lowcst point of tho cylinder, iind n window to perinit obscrvation of tho \\*ator tuh.-B. 31. v. Dryer, R. C. NC~V~OUSC, Wnui\*ntosn, Assignor to Allis-Chnlmcrs afnnufacturing CO., 3fil\vnukec, W s . U.S. Pat. 1,332,137, 24.2.20. Appl., 26.0.18. A CPLISDIIICAL casing coIltnins n number of t u b a cstcnding tho length of tho cnsing. Tho tubes linvo n scgrnoiitnl cross-scutioli, and nro so nrrnnged tlint nn niinulnr chnmbcr is f o r m d botwcali tho cnsing niid thc t u b s , and rndinl spncos sopnrofo tlic individunl tubes. Tlic niiniilnr cliambcr nnd tho rndinl fipnces nrc nll in comniunicntion with ono nnotlrcr.-L. A. C. tubmi from tlic bottom upaards, so tlint t f IC velocity 1,931,994, 24.2.20. Appl., 24.6.19. Dry-kiln. 0. W. Dcgen, Alnincdn, and W. Dcgcn, U.6. l'nt. 1,332,104,24.2.20. Sill1 khncisco, Cnl. Appl., 9.8.18. h CIIANI~ER contniiiiny tho goods to bo dricd is conncctcd with n furiinco by IL duct; tlio furnnco is provided with n chimiicy nnd nlso ivi& a s h o t inctnl air-pipc lending from tho outor air across t h o firo to n point in tho duct lcnding to tho dryor, so Ihnpcrs nro nrrnngcd so thnt tho products of coin-Iiiistioii cnn l o wilt, ns desired, rip tho chiiiinoy o r into tlio drycr nlong with tho clcnn nir.-B. &I. V. that ClCiUl WllrJJl U i r i S drllWJ1 ;,It0 tho drycr. I'iltcr [; Ultra -1. J. F. \\'nit, Ningnrn PnlIs, N.Y. U.S. l'nt. 1,331,732, 24.2.20. Appl., 30.8.17. As ti1 trn-filtcr is construckd of n colloiclnl nmnbrnno snpportCd by ii closely wovcn wire fnbric with n Hniooth siirfnco iicst tho incmbrnno. Tlio wiro fnbria is bnckcd by n pliitu with groovcs for lcnding nivny tlic filtriito. Tho wliolo is fixed in nil nppnrntug ridiipkd to wit1ist:iiid high prcssuros, with clinrgiiig nnil prcssnrc connections on ono sido of tho filtor iuitl discliiirgo nntl negntiro prcssuro coiinoctions 011 tlia othcr sido.-J. H, J. . a 288 A CL. IIL-FUEL; GAS; DfINERAL OILS AND \VAXJ3S. [hprll 30. 1020. Separator; Itevolving --. A. B. Cnrstcns, B1oiitoroyJ Moxico, Assi nor t o Tho Americnn AIctal Co., Ltd., Ncn To%. U.S. Pnt. 1,331,802, 24.2.20. Appl., 1.10.18. sEr, ¶ItATOII for molten mntcrinls of differing specific grnvity consists of n rotnry cylindricnl vcsscl provided with two scts of tnp holcs dinmotrically opposed in tlic ends. The nxis of the cylinder is slightly inclined to the horizontnl, and nxially disposed oponings in tho elids servo for tho adinission of matorial and licnt to tho interior.-T. St. Ileating or coolin(/ npparatus. It. Aclinrd, Lyon, Franco. U.S. Pat. 1,332,092, 24.2.20. AppI., 20.12.17. A NUXDER of short doublc$-wnllcd t u b (tho spahtwocn the two nnlls k i n g narrow) nre nrrnngcd Iiorimntnlly in groups, with vcrticnl pi 08 connccting altornnto onds of tho t i i b . Tho (quid to bo heated or coolcd is pnssed through tho vcrticnl pipes nnd the short tubes, nnd tho henting or cooling mcdium through the jackets of tho doublownlled tubes.-B. 31. V. Atontising Ziipids for purposcr of drying, eoncentration nrizing, or reaction; Apparatus jor -. L. Gohand, Ucrlin-Wiln~crsdorf. Ger. Pnt. 307,162, 21.10.17. Rows of jots nrc grouped in ono or moro clustors in an ntomising or drying chamber. Ench row or cluster hns itR own scpnrato supply of Compressed air and liquid. Drying of tho ntomiscd liquid is offectcd more qnickly than is possible by tho us0 of long atoniising tubes pnssing through tho chnmher. -J. 8. G . T. Kilns for birrning e~nient, lime, dolomite, etc.; Compressed air inlet for -. Ammo Giesecko und Koncgon A.-G., Brunswick. her. Pat. 315,775, 11.5.18. THE mouth of tlic inlet is divided into clinnnels by a grating composed of rods of rhombic crosssection, each of \;.hicli cnn bo scpnriited into two parts of triangular cross-section. The inner sida of tho grating, which is tlio more linblo to damngo by hoat nnd nicchnnicnl wear, is thoreforo easily raplnced, whilet tho sound rear portion cnn bo retained; tho devica also fncilitntcs tho clcnring of tho nnrroncst parts of tho air channels if tliC6C beconie cliokcc1.-D. F. T. Filter Eenves. Cooling chambers. Eng. Pnt. 139,38% See XLX'A. -_ _ IIA-FUEL; GAS; MINERAL OILS AND WAXES. 0. AI. Coking plants; Slantlardisation of -TIIP. necessity of stniidiirdisntion of existing coking pliints is disciisscd. No nctiinl stnndnrds nra suggested, biit thc niitlior rccomnicnds tho stnndnrdisntioii of pipes? dampers, arches, nnd tlio liko, nnd the construction of stnndnrd units i n now plnnts. Coal yns; Composition of the unsaturated livdro-P. Ef. siiinatt and L. COAJ, gns wns passod nt tho rato of 10 litrcs per Iir. tliroiigh ~~*nsh-liottlcs contnining 1)romiiio; n t tho end of tho nhorption period tlio liquid in tho bottles mns ~~-mLqhed with diluto sodium hydroxido solution, then with tvnter, and dried over anhydrous po-ium cnrbonnto: Two exprinionta wero nindo, 700 litrcs of gas bcing u d 111 the first nnd 1600 litrcs in tho sccond, tho weighta of liquid bromidor, obtained h i n g ! 235 and 620 grms. respectively. Tho liquid was distilled under 16 nim. prcssuro, tho fractions boiling below looo C. and Imtwcen 1000 c. and 1 4 F C. being cwllectccl scpnratoly. Tho ffnction bpiling klow looo (16 nim.) wnc1 thcn frnctioniillg d~stillcd. From tlio results of tlia two experinicnts i t is cnlciilnted that tho composition of tho unsaturated hydrocarbons mns respectively ethylcnc, 83'8, W3; propylcne, 134, 11%; butylcno, 1'7, 23; nnd nmylcnc, 2'0, 1.6% by vol. Tho gas contained 35--116% of unsaturated hydrocarbons. -w. P . 6. [Gas] piirification; Ozide -. G . W. Andorson. Gns J., 1920, 149, 088490. TIIE best working rosults nro obtained when 3-l cb. ft. of orido is provided for ovory 100 000 cb. ft. of gas per aniiuni. Figures nro quotcd from norking results of a numbcr of planta running on gns containing 1.0-1*2%, 11,s and 2;< of nir. Pour purifier bores twre conncckd i n scrios, tho first ono ,hSng disconnccted and recharged ns soon ns nny 11,s ~v n s detected a t tho outlot of tho third IMx. Tho oxygon-content of tho purified gns should not bo higher than 0*2--03% and tho tcnipcratiiro should not c x c d 2G0-3Oo C., tho inlct temporaturc being 20° C.; 025;: of s h a m per 1000 cb.. f t . of gas may bo adiiiittc<l to keep tho oxido moist. -4 mixturo of Lux oxido with 3 0 % -4 0 % by volunio of bog-or0 is rwommondcd. Such n mirturo, oporating undcr tho conditions montioncd, ciin lm discnrdcd nftor onco or twiw rovirifying. Tho anme effect is obtnincd by the rotntion system, which lins bcon successful cliicfly in plnnts whcro the unntity of nvnilnblo oxido in tho purifier8 wis sninll in proportion to tlio nmount of gns produccd. Tho sixo of tlio piirifging plnnt ]ins nn irnportnnt b a r i n g on it8 ellicicncy, and tho design of tho plnnt should procecd on tho following linaq:-If tho gns vclocity IIO 0 2 in. par acc., tho section of each box ehoitld bo 0'7 sq. ft. per 1000 cb. It. output in 24 hoiirR. If tho totnl dopth of oxido in onch box excccds 24-30 in., a divided flow of gns should bo rwortcd to. For regonerntion of tlio onido outsido tho piirificrs 0'07-087 sq. ft. of wrfnca nren is rcquircd pcr 1 cb. it. of oxido i n tho pnrifiors. An astininto of tho plnnt mccossnry to tlcn1,witli n ycnrly output of 450 million ob. ft. of gns IS given.-A. Q. hiz zinc [petrol] front lignite tar; Z'roduction of bu crackmy. P. E'ischor nnd W. Schnoidor. (hs. Abhnndl. 1Conntn. Kohlo, 1018, 3, 122-140. Clioni. L n t r . , 1910, 90, IV., 1074-1075. (b this J., 1910, 0 7 2~) T~E X Z I~ tins bcon obtnined hitherto from lignito Schndeck. Stnlil 11. ICisen, 1919, 39, 134' b-1350. -A. G . carbons present i n -Sliitcr. Annlyst, 1920, 45, 85-87. VOI.XXXLX..NO.~.] CL. JIA.-FUEL ; GAS ; MINERAL OILS AND WAXES. 289 A tar aithor by hcating under prossuro or by suporlicnting a t normnl prcssurc; thq hohaviour of the tnr when hcntcd to tho boiling point for n long timo hns now bccn exnniinccl. Tho fractions of tnr from Richck's inonton works which boil nbovo 276O C. wore partially docomposcd whon hcatcd a t 300°-31G0 C. for 13 hours. Tho spccific gravity fell, and 202 distilled below Zooo c., 13% bdow ' , ?Goo c., nnd aS% bclow 276O C. I'rotrnct.4 heating of tho tar fraction nt 35O0-5OO0 C. lowered tlio specific gravity of tlio dccomposition distillnto to 081-0'83 elid a yicld of 6~9 % was obtninct1, wiiicii fell to 63% aftor nn ncid-nlknli wnsh. The products boiling Idow 300° C. iniiy bo rcgnrdcd as ncwly formed and nmount to 40'8%. Tho distillntc lins tho compositioii:-l$. pt. 60°-1000 C., 42% (sp. gr. 0681 at (07799); 200°-200*, 19'7% (0.8108) ; '25O0-3OO0 C., 32'4:i (sp. gr. 08502 a t 20° C.). The yield of products boiling bclon 160° C. \vns lcss than is obtaincd by tho otlicr mcthods previously used. Tho products obtnincd by tlio diflcrcnt methods arc coinpnred in tlio following tablc : -20' C.) : 100°-15~o G9 % (0743) ; 15Oo-20O0, 11% % -__-. -. _-__ I I I 1. Hentlng under 2. Slowhentln~ . 1 0.081 imxmrn .. 1 0.007 1 0.758 I 0.743 I Tho products under Scrics 3 wcro trcntod with zinc dilorido, which reduced tho bromino nunibor mom .thnii tho nlknli-acid wnsh. Tho yield of unsnturntcd coinpoiiiids ie much less whcro hcnting iindcr prcssliro id uecd, probably k n u s o tho compounds Imiiig r o t i i i l d for a tiitlo in an nutoclavo bccomo polynicriscd. Exporimcnts wore mndo t o sco if polyincrisation occurred in tlio protrnctd distillntion ns liere prnctiscd. Tho t o r wns distilled and pnraflin crystalliscd out a t 6 O C. Aftor roinoving frnctions boiling bclow 250° tlio tnr wns hcntcd to 28Oo-33O0 C. The specific grnvity of tho distillnto (0'88-0'89) indicnted littlo dccomposition. A fiii-thor heating f o r 64 Iioiirs n t 335O-35Oo C. gnro lifter tlio acid nnd nlknli wnsh 0'7% of a light oil r i p to 150° C., indicating considorablc docompositioii. Tho rmiduo mns n somi-solid mnss (13'0%) from rrhicli a lubricnting oil coiiltl bc obtnincd with riticosity nt 200 C., 35'8O (Englcr), flnsli point lo?, tip. rr. nt 20°, 0992, sotting point 1l0 (without stirr i n h ~l i o correspoiiding fraction from n tar rapicily distilld in w c u o iinci n viscosity nt 200, 10'2O (Epgler), sotting point 16O (without stirring), flnsli point 1 9 7 O , ep. Kr. nt 20°, 0965. Tho protrnctcd distillntion lind led to n ccrtniii tliickoning of tho oil. Tho clisndvnntngos of tlio lignito lmizintut nro tlic pungent sincll nnd high porcontngc of iiiisntiirntcd compouiids. Decoinposition undor prcssiiro rcducca tlio lnttor, ns rilso docs tvnsliing iiiitl ligdrogonntion. I n tlio futuro i t is possible .that theso products will form tlio rnn matcrinl for cliemicnl ninnufiicturcs.-H. J. I€. [Petroleune] oiGfiefd cmlsions. J. L. Shcrrick. J. l i d . Eng. Clicin., 1920, 12, 193-130.. - To h nccoptcd by trnnsporting conipnnics in tho United fitittos crudo potroloum must 11ot contnin moro than 2% of wntcr, nnd tliis iicccssitntcs trcntriioiit of oiiiulsioiis i n tlio ficld. Tlio omulsions in Cooso Crcok (Tcxns) oil-liclde conskt of salt solution .aid oil coiitniriirig nsphnlt, rind cxporiinontiil results obtnincd with them nro applicable to the products of that district in general. When subjcctcd to nn clcctricnl curront tho water particles migrated to the anodo. Tho nogativo chnrgo on tho wator particles could bo ncutrnlised and the wntor precipitated by tho addition of cations whlch ivcro strongly ndsorbcd, such ns ferric ion. Tho results obtained with forric chlofido nnd forric nitrate showed that both ions of nn nddcd elcctro-Iyto nro olfcctivo in precipitating tho chnrgcd particles. Tho clfcct of other in r d u c i n g tho stability of such cmulsioiis is probably due to ita solvont action u on tho nsphnlt, rnthcr thnn to any increnso in tho &nsi.ty of tho two liquid phnsos. A mixturo of other and cnrbon bisulphido of tho mmc sp. gr. as tlio cmulsion nvill slso cnuso matcr to scparato. It is probablo that tho action pf certain cornmorcial prc arntiom u d for trenting omulsions is duo t o ticir boing hydrophilo colloids. Parafin wax (pentacontane Q*H,*,) found in Lancashire coal; Solid -. F. 8. Sinnntt and M. Barash. Inst. illin. Eng., Nov. 11, 1919. A DErosIT of scvornl tons w i g h t w m found ovor 30 yonrs ago i n tho Arley mino n t a depth of 440 yards. This consisbd of n dark brown, briMlo, tnetoloss, nnd dourless wnx. It contains no sulphur, nitrogcn, nsh, or hnlogons, and is practically insoluble in nll solvents in the cold, but dissolves in hot benzene tolueno, chloroform, cnrbon tetrachloride n n j aniline. Tho WIU 19 unaffected by strong niknlis nnd acids, except by hot concentrated snlphuric ncid. H o t liquid bromine has no adion on tho wnx. On blenching a hot benzcno solution with nnimnl chnrcoal, n whit0 nmorphoue solid was produced, m. pt. 93O0 niid solidif, pt. 927O C. Undor 16 mm. proasuro tho wnx.bo~lcd at 4 2 0 "~ 422O C., and nbout 85% distilled without decomposition. Tho sp. gr. iR 0'0422 wlicn cold nnd 07040 st tlie melting point. Tho siibstnnco hns tlio formuln CIOHI.I, niid is tlic highest liomoloyo of tho pnrafliii scrim 80 fnr discovered occurring naturally. ]Icnting i U w t i n f1triiacc with coke-ovcn gas. TIeating mefallriryical furnaces. Gouvy. See X. Chlorination of ethylene. Smythc. Sce XX. ]llouvi-out shots in c o d niines. Hutchison and 4. A. M. -A. G. Springorum. S c e S. Bnrnb. See XXU. Cliproils chloride solrrtion f o r gas analysis. Krauskopf mid Purdy. Scc SSIII. Coailiistible yascs. SclimidWoiiscn. See XXIII. Fuel; Artificid -. L. Lnnc, Loughor, nnd D. H. \Yillinms, Grovcsmd, E L \\'riles. Eng. Pat. 139,094, 2.7.19. (Appl. 16,623/19 .) TIIE fiicl consists of n mixturc of uiitliracite duff, ivnsto pitch, sodium nitrntc, cnrbonnccous shah, nnd/or I' clod," with or without a small qunntity of dricd clnp. Tho wnstc pitch is n grenso p.roduccd in tho Iiibricntioii of rolls or similnr nincliincry or in tlio ninniifnctarc of tin-plnto. "Clod" is ninoraliscd mud iiiixcd with cnrbonnccous c111.y. Tlio coal is licntcd nnd iiiisccl with the nitro hforo ndding tlic vrnslo pitch, niid tlic inixturc is briquottd and left to linrdcn for 21 hoiirs.-A. G . PATENTS. Coal ; Agfiltitinant for tlie conylonicration of -Eng. Pat: 11. A . 13. ~rnxustn, COAL i.s i r i q i i o t a -with t i nid of 3 4 % of nn nggliitinnnt coniposcd of 9% of tnllow or othor grousy subtnnco and 07% of tar.-.& C. a2 Lulricutiiio oil viiriiuino nncl reclainiiti~ srrstettrs. likely to'occur.-A. G. Storage of.acetylene or other gar; P'illings for tanks A. U. Sirn-Eng. Pnt. 123,t34, Tim filling miitorinl is composed of ccriirriic or otlicr porous inntorial rcinforccd by looso strands of niotnl iciro, such ns iron, of shor!, ,length evonly distributed tlrroughout tho Innss. l o prevent c n t n n g l c i~~n t tho strands nro straight or only slightly bent. lhe reiiiforccd mass map bo mndo into briquettes or slnbs, which nro inserted i n the tanka. (Roforenco is directed to Eng. Pat. B,%0 of 1010; this J., 1911, 349.)-J. 6. G. T. or the like intended /or the -. mnrli, Gotcborg, Srvcdcn. 17.2.19. (Appl. 392?/10.) Liquid hydrocurbons; Ile niiig -. A. E. I h n s t s n , Gunbury-on-T f innics. Eng. Pat. 130,233, 3.0.18. (Appl. 9114/18.) OXIJ)ISAIII.E sulphur compounds prcsent in mincrnl oils nro rcmovd by tho nctiori of nn nlkulino sohtion of IL hypochlotito, such n s sodium hypochlorito. Motor fuel for internal coinlustion engines. G. I?. U.S. Pat. 1,331,064, -A. E. D. Dinsmoro, Ha9tonJ Brass. 17.2.20. Appl., 10.3.10. CJiunrs mood naphtha is m i x 4 with potroloirm distillntc (kcroscric). Tho ncotonn is ditlsolvcd by tho kcroseno, nnd tho solution is sepnrntcd from tho undissolvcd mutliyl n1cohol.--A. E. D. 0il-crucl;ing still. J. L. Grny, St. Louis, M o . US. Plit. 1,331,00DJ 24.2.20. Appl., 21.2.17. RC-ne\\.cd 13.11 .lo. OIL is siiporheiitcd in 11 cnst-iron cylindricid cnsing contniiiiiig strniglit lengths of wrought-iron pip0 rirriciiqcd pnrnllel to tfl? nxis of tho cyltiidcr and aml d r l~~ in its ivnll. llicsc pipes nro conncckd by inonits of return bcrids, SO tw to form continuous i'ilc no "rAnd 6~& r~t o r co., XC\V Yo&, -AEsigiiws of F. W. Kennedy, Trenton, N.J., U.6.A. Eng. Pat. 134,100, 13.8.19. (Appl. 10,901/10.) Coinbustion products; Bpparat (1.7 for getterulitig under presswe. C. 91. I'nttisoq, l'entrc, W~C S . HEATING : LIGHTING. PATENTB. IIefecution sludye oltuiried in the irinnii/(icture of suyur; i'rociitction of terpenes utrcl other products b y clrv clistillatioii of -H. Sblteeiihrg, ncrlin-\\'ilrncrsdorf. C cr . Pn t. 310,603 , 8.8.17. 'l'o prevciit dccomposition tho sl~idgo io d r i d inimctlintcly it is produccil without t h o nddition of nny otlicr sribstnnces, niid the d.ried product is distilled. '1'110 oily i d nqucoiis friictions of tho distilltito iirc worked lip scpiiriitaly to resin substitutes, pyridinc I)ILSCS, ncct0110, iuid Pyrrolu I h l . An riltcrnntive tiiutlid is to wpiirnto thc duclgo into thrco frnctions Iiy prccipitntion nnd trcnt thcso ficpnrntcly: n r~f -Fiiioiis frnction yiclding n high mwntiigo of tcrpotirs nritl rcsiii ; u frrictioti with ii liigii nitrogcn content yioidiiig iiiriinly bnscs ; nnd n frnction rich in fntty iicids yiclding principnlly ncotono. -L. A. 0.
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