Facial Expressions Analysis Under Occlusions Based on Specificities of Facial Motion Propagation [article]

Delphine Poux and Benjamin Allaert and Jose Mennesson and Nacim Ihaddadene and Ioan Marius Bilasco and Chaabane Djeraba
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Although much progress has been made in the facial expression analysis field, facial occlusions are still challenging. The main innovation brought by this contribution consists in exploiting the specificities of facial movement propagation for recognizing expressions in presence of important occlusions. The movement induced by an expression extends beyond the movement epicenter. Thus, the movement occurring in an occluded region propagates towards neighboring visible regions. In presence of
more » ... usions, per expression, we compute the importance of each unoccluded facial region and we construct adapted facial frameworks that boost the performance of per expression binary classifier. The output of each expression-dependant binary classifier is then aggregated and fed into a fusion process that aims constructing, per occlusion, a unique model that recognizes all the facial expressions considered. The evaluations highlight the robustness of this approach in presence of significant facial occlusions.
arXiv:1904.13154v1 fatcat:qwfoh2xflnbm7eenzoxmtysf5m