Marcin Noga, Bronisław Sendyka
2013 Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport  
The paper describes design of the five-stroke engine developed in the Chair of Combustion Engines at Cracow University of Technology. The idea of five-stroke engine, in which the expansion ratio is significantly greater than the compression ratio has been presented by the Belgian engineer Gerhard Schmitz. The prototype of such an engine was made by Ilmor Engineering. Engine developers have released results of preliminary research, but there is no detailed information on the toxic exhaust
more » ... oxic exhaust emissions. For this reason, at Cracow University of Technology the research was undertaken to determine the impact of implementing the five-stroke cycle into the engine with spark ignition to reduce toxic emissions and increase total efficiency. To achieve this goal, the test engine was built, which is based on a concept similar to the idea of Gerhard Schmitz, with the difference that it has not been designed from the ground up, and it is based on an existing four-cylinder four-stroke engine. In comparison with the original solution, the engine built in Cracow has a completely different design of timing system, four valves per cylinder and petrol direct injection. This paper presents a detailed description of the engine design and the results of its preliminary research. The results of the tests of the five-stroke engine confirm an increase of specific torque and power (related to unit of engine displacement) and improve of total efficiency within a certain range of the engine map.
doi:10.5604/12314005.1136161 fatcat:a6luzshbu5bmti5d5zibwjapk4