Beam optics of a 10-CM diameter high current heavy ion diode

J.W. Kwan, I.L. Vay, F.M. Bieniosek, E. Halaxa, G. Westenskow, I. Haber
Proceedings of the 2003 Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (IEEE Cat. No.03CH37440)  
Typically a large diameter surface ionization source is used to produce > 0.5 A K + current with emittance < 1 π-mm-mrad for heavy ion fusion experiments. So far we have observed aberrations that are slightly different from those predicted by computer simulations. We have now set up an experiment to study in detail the beam optics of such a large diameter ion diode and to benchmark the simulation code.
doi:10.1109/pac.2003.1289893 fatcat:shdm5lzjljbdljrx7izuwbu5am