A review of cnidarian epibionts on marine crustacea

Gregorio Fernandez-Leborans
2013 Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies  
AbstractAn updated inventory of the cnidarian species living as epibionts on Crustacea was conducted. Cnidarian species that attach themselves to gastropod shells of hermit crabs were also considered. One hundred and forty-eight species of cnidaria were included, with similar numbers of hydrozoans and anthozoans. There were 163 basibiont species that were mostly decapod species. The presence of these epibionts on different crustacean species and their taxonomic positions were indicated. This
more » ... indicated. This review is intended to serve as a useful tool for future studies of this type of epibiosis.
doi:10.2478/s13545-013-0092-9 fatcat:smyczyqsp5cizliedy66z2zpse