Effective factors for choosing the delivery method among the pregnant women in Kashan

Bagheri, Masoodi-Alavi N
Considering the increasing number of cesarean cases and to identify the effective factors in choosing such surgery, this study was performed to evaluate the attitudes of medical specialists and gynecological assistants toward the type of delivery and the reasons for increasing rates of cesarean. Materials and Methods: Data were gathered through a semi-structured interview and analyzed using a content-analysis method. Finally, 11 physicians and assistants were participated in the study. The
more » ... the study. The participants were selected through purposeful sampling. The first two participants were selected through accessible sampling, while the others by previous participants to consider the variety of physicians' experiences and attitudes. Data were analyzed using the Cheevakumjon method. After reviewing the data, key sentences and concepts were derived and finally categorized. Results: Fear of the delivery pain was one of the most important reasons that made women to select the cesarean, while having a good delivery experience was one of the most important reasons for choosing the vaginal delivery. Four categories of factors, some facilitators for choosing the cesarean and the others for vaginal delivery, affecting the choice of delivery were related to patient, culture, delivery conditions and also the outcomes. Conclusion: Several factors should be considered in choosing a delivery method. Furthermore, preparing a woman for a painless and pleasant delivery and also changing the attitudes toward the type of delivery are very important.