Subwavelength Localization of Atomic Excitation Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency

J. A. Miles, Z. J. Simmons, D. D. Yavuz
2013 Physical Review X  
We report an experiment in which an atomic excitation is localized to a spatial width that is a factor of 8 smaller than the wavelength of the incident light. The experiment utilizes the sensitivity of the dark state of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) to the intensity of the coupling laser beam. A standing-wave coupling laser with a sinusoidally varying intensity yields tightly confined Raman excitations during the EIT process. The excitations, located near the nodes of the
more » ... nodes of the intensity profile, have a width of 100 nm. The experiment is performed using ultracold 87 Rb atoms trapped in an optical dipole trap, and atomic localization is achieved with EIT pulses that are approximately 100 ns long. To probe subwavelength atom localization, we have developed a technique that can measure the width of the atomic excitations with nanometer spatial resolution.
doi:10.1103/physrevx.3.031014 fatcat:hhmka75khvgedmv6uctp76pjbu