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A large gro u p o f students gathered in Union Built, their opinions to the Election C om m ission regard s story which app eared in W e d n e sd a y 's Daily Texan. . students who accused The Texan of electioneering in night to express ment election nssitated by Dick Benson was announced winner of the Student Government presidential race late Wednesday night after the validity of the election was contested before an Election Commission hearing. The commifision decided to uphold the outcome of
more » ... he election in which Benson defeated opponent Shelton Smith by a vote Of 3,803 to 1.964. The question of legitimacy arose after complaints were filed with the Election Commission by presidential contender Smith and members of The Blacks and Mexican-American Youth Organization (MAYO). They called for a new election and invalidation of Wednesday's results because of an allegedly biased election ^ P la c e I A t-L arge-C hris Lin. 2,404; D erek J e f fers, 1,974. W inner: Lin. P la c e 2 A t-L arge: F ran k F lem in g , 2,122; J a m e s C ieeon i. 1,845. W inner F lem in g . A r c h ite c tu r e : R e g g ie Sm ith, 73; D avid D illard . 87. W in n er; Sm ith. B u sin e ss P la c e 2: R. I., B rock, 351; G erald B rach !, 215. W inner: B rock. B u sin e ss P la c e 3: .John .Sharher, 331; Josep h K yle, 259. W in n er: Sharber. G en eral and C om p a ra tiv e S tu d ies: P au l F r a n z e n . 192; D ora G onzalez. 119. W inner: F ran zetti L aw : W a lter M oreno, 23S; J a c k G ullahorn, 114. W inn er: M oreno. story in Wednesday's Daily Texan. THE VICE-PRESIDENTIAL race resulted In a runoff between Tony Sadberry and Steve Walls. Sadberry captured 2.174 votes and Walls received 1,698. The Texan account included statements made by the presidential candidates during a Tuesday night debate at Moire-Hill Hall and reported references made to the en dorsement of the candidates by minority groups. Smith cited three major points in the article he viewed as "partial and biased in nature." He mentioned the fact that the article labeled him as "Greek (Phi Kappa Psi) Smith." " It is general knowledge," hp said, " that Greek affiliation N atu ral S c ie n c e s P la c e I ; S te v e P ark er, 286; C lark H offm an , 218. W inner: P a rk er. N atu ral S c ie n c e s P la c e 2; John W right, 288; S a lly A r m stron g, 2?fi. W inn er: W right. S ocial and B eh a v io r a l S c ie n c e s P la c e 1: Juan A gu ilera, 430: F rank R ynd, 340. W inn er: A gu ilera. Social and B eh a v io r a l S c ie n c e s P la c e 2 Isid ro C antu. 394: B oh H arrel. 368. W inn er: Cantil. Social and B eh a v io ra l S c ie n c e s P la c e 3 D ian e G reen. 450: T h o m a s A rch er 289. W inner Green C ollege of S o cia l and B eh a v io ra l S c ie n c e s P la c e 4 R ic h a id S tu a rt, 397; R a y m o n d B ru y ere. 302. W inner; Stu art. T h e D a i l y T e x a n Vol. 71, No. 152 Ten Cents
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