Decarbonylative Olefination of Aldehydes to Alkenes [post]

Diana Ainembabazi, Christopher Reid, Amanda Chen, Jakub Kostal, Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal
2019 unpublished
New atom-economical alternatives to Wittig chemistry are needed construct olefins from carbonyl complexes, but none have been developed to-date. Here we report an atom-economical olefination of carbonyls via aldol-decarbonylative coupling of aldehydes using robust and recyclable supported Pd catalysts, producing only CO and H<sub>2</sub>O as waste. The reaction accommodates homocoupling of aldehydes with an a a-methylene groups, as well as heterocoupling. Computations provide insight into the
more » ... insight into the selectivity of the reaction. The tandem aldol-decarbonylation reaction opens the door to exploration of new carbonyl reactivity to construct olefins.
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.10046615 fatcat:546asohz7zh7xiwf5c3az2aj3u