Exploration of the Strategy in Constructing Visualization Used by Pre-service Elementary School Teachers in Making Science Video Clip for Flipped Learning - Focusing on Earth Science -
Flipped Learning을 위해 제작한 과학 학습 동영상에서 초등예비교사들이 사용한 시각화 구성 전략 탐색 - 지구 영역을 중심으로 -

Min Seok Ko
2015 Journal of The Korean Association For Science Education  
Flipped learning can be used as an innovative teaching method in science education. This study analyzes video clip produced by pre-service elementary school teachers for flipped learning and explore strategies to organize effective visualization. The pre-service elementary school teachers focused on providing information on macroscopic natural phenomenon using concrete case selection strategy for earth science class. They used marker and spatial transformation elements effectively, but their
more » ... ively, but their efforts to link the elements to the experience of students were not sufficient. In addition, it was very rare to put the contents into simplified drawing or provide extreme cases to enhance the imagery of students. In addition, it is necessary to provide specific case of multi-modal and link the material to the experience of students closely through familiar cases or analogical model to establish an effective visual teaching material. It may also be needed to present simplified drawing for enhancing imagery and provide extreme cases to make students have an opportunity to infer a new situation.
doi:10.14697/jkase.2015.35.2.0231 fatcat:u2ztcbytm5ffdnnwaa3wwm64lu