List of the Birds Collected by C. L. Winch in the Caicos Islands and Inagua, Bahamas, during January and February, and in Abaco, in March, 1891

Charles B. Cory
1891 The AUK: A Quarterly Journal of Ornithology  
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more » ... out Early Journal Content at JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary source objects. JSTOR helps people discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content through a powerful research and teaching platform, and preserves this content for future generations. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not--for--profit organization that also includes Ithaka S+R and Portico. For more information about JSTOR, please contact 1991.] 11-CORY on Birds fromi th(e B.uhanzas. 297 Ardea tricolor ruficollis (Gosse) Symphemia semipalmata (Ginel.). Haematopus palliatus (Tenm;ut) . Columbigallina passerina (Lion). Columba leucocephala Liogn. Zenaida zenaidi (Lion.). Pandion haliaetus carolinensis (Gmel.). Coccyzus minor maynardi Ridgw. Crotophaga ani Li""., Sphyrapicus varius (Lion.). Doricha evelynie (Bouirr.). Tyrannus magnirostris D'Orb.-Thrtee specinens taken. It has not previouisly been recorded north of Inagua. Loxigilla violacea (Linn.). Euetheia bicolor (Lion.). Vireo crassirostris (Bryant). Ccereba bahamensis (Reich.). Compsothlypis americana (Linn.). Dendroica petechia gundlachi Batird. Dendroica coronata (Liozn.). Dendroica kirtlanli Baird-Twvo specimens taken. I believe it has no previous record so far south. The natturalists of the 'Albatros' expedition found it not uncommon in Rum Cay. Dendroica palmarum (Gmnel.). Dendroica discolor (Vieill.). Seiurus aurocapillus (Linn.). Polioptila carulea (Lion.). Mimus gundlachi Cab. Margarops fuscatus ( Vizill.). INAGUA. Ardea herodias Linn. Sphyrapicus varius (Lixn .). Doricha lyrura Gouil(d. Tyrannus ,magnirostris D' Orb. Myiarchus sagrr Good?. Loxigilla violacea (Liozn.). -Mr. Winch writes me he believes the aduLlt femiale of this species assumes a black plumage similar to the male. A number of black specimienis taken by himn proved on dissection to be femnales. Euetheia bicolor (Linn.). Vireo crassirostris (Bryant). Ccereba bahamensis (Reich. ).-Birds from Inagua have larger bills than those which occur on the niorthern Bahama Islands. Dendroica tigrina (Gmel.). Dendroica petechia gundlachi Baird. Dendroica coronata (Linn.). 293 CORY on Birds flomn tie Bahanias. [July Dendroica dorninica (Linn.). Dendroica discolor ( Vieiil.). Seiurus aurocapillus (Linn.). Polioptila cerulea (Li/nn.). Mimus gundlachi Cab. Mimus polyglottos elegans (Sharfe). -Since wvriting the paper on Miinus aolygiollos and M. orfiheus which appear-ed in the January 'Auk' (p. 45) 1 have r-eceived some fifty specimens of the small Mfimus fromn InaguLa. With this additional material for comparison I find that a large majority of the [nagua specimens are somewhat smaller than orp/heus or olygloltos and have the primary coverts nearly and often comipletely covering the white on1 the quills. These differences are not constant but are probably sufficient to justity subspecific separation. Margarops fuscatus (Vieill.). A box of birds lately received from Inagua contained two species not observed by Mr. Winch. These are:-Dendroica striata (Forst.). -Six specimnens, April 23 to May 2. Dendroica carulescens (Gmel.). -Nine specimens, April 22 to May I.
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