Effect of Hall current on the velocity and temperature distributions of Couette flow with variable properties and uniform suction and injection

Hazem Ali Attia
2009 Computational and Applied Mathemathics  
The unsteady hydromagnetic Couette flow and heat transfer between two parallel porous plates is studied with Hall effect and temperature dependent properties. The fluid is acted upon by an exponential decaying pressure gradient and an external uniform magnetic field. Uniform suction and injection are applied perpendicularly to the parallel plates. Numerical solutions for the governing non-linear equations of motion and the energy equation are obtained. The effect of the Hall term and the
more » ... term and the temperature dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity on both the velocity and temperature distributions is examined. Mathematical subject classification: 76D05, 76M25.
doi:10.1590/s1807-03022009000200004 fatcat:ltetyulh6jgsvn4o553px6rp3m