Legislating Pro-Life Principle: Victory without Compromise

Mary H. Sadick
1992 The Linacre Quarterly  
Judie Brown, her husband, Paul, and several other families. From that modest start, the organizations have grown to over 250,000 members with, at last count, 66 autonomous affiliates throughout the United States and in several foreign countries -we are the nation's largest, grassroots pro-life organization. From the very beginning, the focus of our organizations has been education. For tax reasons, the organizations are separate and distinct: The League's mission is to involve the public in the
more » ... e the public in the pro-life effort; the Lobby's mission is to influence lawmakers with the pro-life message. As A.L.L. has expanded, so too have our tools for spreading the pro-life message and fortifying the pro-life effort. Last year, The Gallup Organization, commissioned by Americans United for Life, conducted an extensive public opinion poll on the nation's attitudes about abortion. The results of this poll are interesting from a number of perspectives. For A.L.L., the poll results and the results of other polls like it have taught us a lot about how to face the anti-life challenges of our day. Among other things, the poll confirmed that the public is terribly confused about what the law currently allows, and what the law should allow, with regard to abortion. Specifically, the public does not understand the legal outcome of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade and companion Doe v. Bolton decisions l : in effect, constitutionally-mandated abortion on demand. 2 Astonishingly, many people also think that abortion takes a human life but nonetheless approve of it, at least in some circumstances. 3 The implications ofthese opinions are sobering. They reveal how enormously successful the anti-life forces in our society have been at masking the true effect of the Supreme Court's 1973 abortion decisions, and, more generally, at undermining the sanctity of human life and the law's protection of it. Correspondingly,
doi:10.1080/00243639.1992.11878153 fatcat:3a76m2whl5hfhovvybd5tl6kmm