Shipbuilding at the Votkinsk PLant in the Pre-Reform Period of 1846–1861

2020 Bylye Gody  
Based on the paperwork of the Votkinsk plant, the list of shipbuilding facilities was reconstructed, according to which financing for their construction was carried out. All of them appear in technical reports, and various components and semi-finished products went to them. The list of ships that were in correspondence with various authorities is more extensive, but there is no evidence that the plant was building them. In parallel with the ship lists of the fleet and river registers, an
more » ... egisters, an operational list of Votkinsk's building ships of the period 1846-1861 was compiled. Both lists are combined and superimposed on the order numbers of the shipbuilding establishment of the plant, and an estimated sequence of ship numbers is compiled, which were precisely built at the plant and then precisely operated. Analysis of the list showed that in the pre-reform period, the plant worked on 51 orders, as a rule, of low complexity and quality of construction. These are either non-self-propelled vessels, or steamboats without main mechanisms. Nevertheless, the shipyard is expanding shipbuilding, making up to a dozen ships in some years. These are all orders of the War Department with a small share of ships for their own needs. Nevertheless, despite the low quality, the constructed ships are cheaper than those bought abroad and delivered by private enterprises, which is why in 1861 the plant receives the largest order of the Military Department in its entire history, having carried out a complete modernization of the technical facilities of Kronstadt and St. Petersburg ports.
doi:10.13187/bg.2020.1.130 fatcat:yphm4bkcyfgv7pxj3wxwarlkfy