Risks Following from Husbandry on Agricultural Soils in Loaded Areas of the Czech Republic

Vácha Radim, Vysloužilová Markéta, Čechmánková Viera Horváthová and Jarmila
2013 Soil and Water Research  
In the Czech Republic, industrial areas, mining areas and military zones can be found. These areas represent potential risks for the agricultural production from the viewpoint of hygienic standards. The industrial areas and mining areas are the topic of the present study. The industrial areas are combined with present or past mining activities in the Czech Republic in most cases. The widest industrial areas located in North-Bohemian and North-Moravian regions were based on the mining of brown
more » ... e mining of brown and black coal. North-Bohemian region was affected by the combustion of brown coal in the power stations during many years and the region was a part of the Middle-European area called black triangle. The problems with increased contents of risky elements (mainly As from brown coal combustion) and persistent organic pollutants in the soil are documented. North-Moravian region with the mining of black coal is typical with its industrial metallurgical activities. Increased contents of Cd and persistent organic pollutants-POPs (mainly polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons-PAHs and dibenzo-p-dioxines and dibenzofurans-PCDD/F) in the soils of the region are a topical problem. In addition to this fact, mainly native soil owners use the soil for husbandry (gardens, crofts). The contents of risky elements and POPs (including PCDD/F) in selected soil samples from the area are documented. Next area of a similar kind is represented by the Příbram district where the mining and treatment of the ores has been under way since Middle Ages. The serious contamination of the agricultural soils by Pb, Cd, and Zn was and still is being solved by research projects. The contamination of the soil by As in the Kutná Hora district represents a typical past mining load caused by the spread of mining wastes on the soils in the vicinity of the medieval mining town Kutná Hora. The last type of the increased soil load presented is connected with fluvial zones of some rivers. The floods by contaminated water were the source of the soil contamination.
doi:10.17221/6512-swr fatcat:wwroyeqblzhk7linpfftc4xmae