A CFD model of a two-phase mixture flow in a test stand for air-borne particle analysis

Marta Stachnik, Gabriel Czachor, Marek Jakubowski
2017 Technical Sciences  
Farmers come across many materials which when being handled generate dust clouds. Even with low concentration these might pose risk of explosion and can carry dangerous microorganisms. To broaden the knowledge about fine dust particles sedimentation and analyze process of particles becoming air-borne, a tunnel air cleaner was designed. Based on the experiment, a CFX simulation was performed using the Eulerian approach and the CFX12.1 software. Presented model is a stedy state two-phase analysis
more » ... two-phase analysis of dust sedimentation. The results show mechanism of dust dispertion over large distance, such as regions of vorticity that seem to be main motor. Presented analysis emphasizes how easily small particles can become resuspended in the air and carried over distance. Acquired knowledge can be applied for safety regulation in many branches of agriculture.
doi:10.31648/ts.5432 fatcat:hpwlrjcfynep7hmc2rtjmzfmca