Comparison of phase-aberrated laser beam quality criteria

Eugeny Perevezentsev, Anatoly Poteomkin, Efim Khazanov
2007 Applied Optics  
With any form of phase distortions there is the need to qualitatively characterize beam quality. Three different qualitative criteria are most commonly used for this purpose, each of them describing the beam with one ratio: the overlapping integral, the Strehl ratio, and the M 2 parameter. We have analyzed the interrelation of the above-mentioned criteria in the three most common types of beam quality degradation: thermal lens, electronic self-focusing, and spherical aberration. Approximate
more » ... on. Approximate analytical expressions for all three criteria and three types of beam distortion are derived for Gaussian and super-Gaussian intensity profiles. The efficiency of characterizing those beams by various criteria is discussed.
doi:10.1364/ao.46.000774 pmid:17279165 fatcat:mmc2zltgsbendbpugjm4lecfpe