An Integrated of Persuasiveness in Healthcare Model for General Wellness

Muhammad Najib Ali
Until to date there were no effective with an efficient resources from any model of diseases management program could able to resolved health management problem which faced by elderly. Ironically, varieties of Diseases Management Program studies in Scholar Database have yielded into variety of diseases management and strategies in Physical Activity, Pulmonary and Heart Diseases, ironically holistic approach has not been implemented with intervening variables which assistance has less control of
more » ... or changeable over time could be substituted with the persuasive gerontechnology application technology in the model. The holistic approach with persuasive gerontochnology intervention could result into effective with efficient resources of general wellness. For example German promoting disease management programs (DMPs) and PHMs model of European Community Health Monitoring (EUPHIX) were conventional model whereas Australia, Malaysia and most of Asean countries were promoting Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) were practicing split model of Traditional Complimentary and Conventional Medicine. The existence of persuasiveness element in Australia Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) could transform the Diseases Management Program into an Integrated Persuasive model of Diseases Management Program for elderly and/or their family. The intervene variables which nurses or volunteer have a little control of or changeable over time could be substituted with the persuasive gerontechnology application technology. The enhanced comfort has turns into persuasiveness comfort of General Wellness in better scope. Objectives: To highlight current issue of PHM of FRRIICT Model in producing persuasiveness comfort and institutional integrity in general wellness. An integrated the element of persuasiveness in a gerontology framework for general wellness. To unlock issues created by integrating persuasive gerontechnology into self intervention and health seeking behavior to transform into persuasiveness comfort and [...]
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.15112314.v1 fatcat:frfahwke7fesrcjxl5jn7sogn4