Differentially expressed genes in Penaeus monodon hemocytes following infection with yellow head virus

Siriporn Pongsomboon, Sureerat Tang, Suleeporn Boonda, Takashi Aoki, Ikuo Hirono, Motoshige Yasuike, Anchalee Tassanakajon
2008 BMB Reports  
A cDNA microarray composed of 2,028 different ESTs from two shrimp species, Penaeus monodon and Masupenaeus japonicus, was employed to identify yellow head virus (YHV)-responsive genes in hemocytes of P. monodon. A total of 105 differentially expressed genes were identified and grouped into five different clusters according to their expression patterns. One of these clusters, which comprised five genes including cathepsin L-like cysteine peptidase, hypothetical proteins and unknown genes, was
more » ... nknown genes, was of particular interest because the transcripts increased rapidly (≤ 0.25 hours) and reached high expression levels in response to YHV injection. Microarray data were validated by realtime RT-PCR analyses of selected differentially expressed transcripts. In addition, comparative analysis of the hemocyte transcription levels of three of these genes between surviving and non-surviving shrimp revealed significantly higher expression levels in surviving shrimp. [BMB reports 2008; 41(9): 670-677]
doi:10.5483/bmbrep.2008.41.9.670 pmid:18823592 fatcat:hw4a5egbbvg7rjgqam5w25z26q