Polypus of the Larynx

1856 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Mrs. E. J., aged 51, the wife of a farmer, was tolerably fleshy and robust, and had had no previous severe illness. No hereditary disease known in her family. In December, 1854, she called on me, and gave, with the aid of her daughter, the following account of herself. In the autumn of 1849 she was suddenly seized with hoarseness, which appeared at the time like influenza ; under domestic treatment the general symptoms disappeared in a few days,' with the exception of the hoarseness, which,
more » ... rseness, which, from that time, has never entirely left her. In 1851-2-3, her general health was tolerably good, all bough the hoarseness continued and was occasionally aggravated, without any well-known cause. Several practitioners prescribed for her during this period, but I could not iearii that she had followed, very systematically, the proscriptions of any regular physician. Indeed, for most of the time since the commencement of her hoarseness, she had been without any medica, attendance. But little was learned of the treatment, except tha> one physician had sponged the fauces with a solution of nitrale ol silver. This application was very painful, producing spasm of the glottis, and long-continued, suffocating dyspnoea. From that time she peremptorily refused to allow any topical application lo the fauces or larynx. In the aulumn of 1854 she occasionally had severe paroxysms of dyspnoea and more complete aphonia, followed by the expectoration of fleshy, granular tumors, accompanied by a lit 1 lo bloody mucus. These paroxysms of dyspnoea were distressing, and sometimes quite alarming to ihe patjent and her friends. Tho expulsion of tho lumors, which was always followed by instantaneous relief, occurred every second, third or fourth week ; they were of a bright-red color, and varied in size from lhat of a common currant to that of a large cranberry ; one extremity being rough and torn, and the oilier rounded or nodulated and covered by smoolh membrane. They could be crushed in the fingers like healthy liver. At this time her voice was entirely gone, and she could only make herself understood by a few words uttered in a
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