The Late Glacial and Holocene development of valley network in the Puck morainic plateau

2011 Geologija  
The authors analyse the relief of the Puck Morainic Plateau. This is one of the largest plateaux of the Kaszubian Coastland, characterised by a diversity of heights and forms. The plateau's relief is varied by its valley cuts, formed earlier and now transformed and used by the Gizdepka and the Potok Błądzikowski rivers. The authors relate the development of the valley network at the end of the last glaciation to the processes occurring during the glaciation of the region as well as to changes
more » ... ell as to changes in the erosion base-level in the Holocene.
doi:10.6001/geologija.v53i1.1613 fatcat:ymul34dnpne6rpunclnprhff4q