Transition from Emotional to Rational Advertising for Food Products on the Romanian Market

A.F. Jităreanu, Elena Leonte, A. Chiran, Benedicta Drobotă
2017 Cercetari Agronomice in Moldova  
Advertising helps to establish a set of assumptions that the consumer will bring to all other aspects of their engagement with a given brand. Advertising provides tangible evidence of the financial credibility and competitive presence of an organization. Persuasion is becoming more important in advertising. In marketing, persuasive advertising acts to establish wants/motivations and beliefs/attitudes by helping to formulate a conception of the brand as being one which people like those in the
more » ... like those in the target audience would or should prefer. Considering the changes in lifestyle and eating habits of a significant part of the population in urban areas in Romania, the paper aims to analyse how brands manage to differentiate themselves from competitors, to reposition themselves on the market and influence consumers, meeting their increasingly varied needs. Food brands on the Romanian market are trying, lately, to identify new methods of differentiation and new benefits for their buyers. Given that more and more consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about what they eat and the products' health effects, brands struggle to highlight the fact that their products offer real benefits for the body. The advertisements have become more diversified and underline the positive effects, from the health and well - being point of view, that those foods offer (no additives and preservatives, use of natural ingredients, various vitamins and minerals or the fact that they are dietary). Advertising messages' diversification is obvious on the Romanian market, in the context of an increasing concern of the population for the growing level of information of some major consumer segments.
doi:10.1515/cerce-2017-0009 fatcat:orfwyiikwbcypfp5hkjt6pkb6y