Quasi-Icosahedral Clusters in Zr-Based Metallic Glasses

Guqing Guo
2020 Metals  
The icosahedral short-range order structure is one of the important local structural units in the field of metallic glasses. Based on the Voronoi tessellation method, the connection modes between shell atoms of Voronoi indexed clusters in ZrCu binary and ZrCuAl ternary metallic glasses were characterized systematically. It was revealed that Voronoi clusters with different connection modes can potentially have the same Voronoi index. By investigating the connection modes of clusters, three types
more » ... usters, three types of Voronoi indexed clusters can be defined as quasi-icosahedral clusters, which have the most similar five-fold environments to full icosahedral clusters. It was also found that the full icosahedral clusters and the quasi-icosahedral clusters had similar values for some structural parameters, and that these clusters contain almost all the atoms in these structural models, enhancing the space filling efficiency. Full icosahedral and quasi-icosahedral clusters should be regarded as the building blocks of atomic structures contributing to glass formation in amorphous alloys. This work is helpful for investigating and understanding the various macroscopic properties of metallic glasses at the atomic cluster level.
doi:10.3390/met10091135 fatcat:xm4ppxm3rjfgffppo2ymkuam6i