Influence of the amount of starch on the glycaemic index to rice in non-insulin-dependent diabetic subjects

O. Rasmussen, S. Gregersen, K. Hermansen
1992 British Journal of Nutrition  
To test whether the glycaemic index is altered by the amount of carbohydrate, meals containing 25 and 50 g Carbohydrate as white rice and white bread were taken by seven non-insulin-dependent diabetic subjects. The glycaemic indices to parboiled white rice corresponding to 25 and 50 g carbohydrate were similar, being 55 (SE 10) and 60 (SE 8) respectively. The incremental areas of blood glucose (above basal) to parboiled white rice were significantly lower than to white bread after both an
more » ... after both an amount corresponding to 25 g carbohydrate (85 (SE 24) m M x 180 min Y. 181 (SE 55) m M x 180 min; f < 0.01) and to 50 g carbohydrate 226 (SE 29) m M x 180 min v. 423 (SE 76) m M x 180 min; f < 0.01). Similar insulin response areas to 25 g carbohydrate given as parboiled white rice and white bread were found, whereas 50 g carbohydrate as white bread caused a significantly higher insulin response area than parboiled white rice (P < 0.05). In conclusion, the glycaemic index of parboiled white rice is not affected by the amount of carbohydrate ingested, at least under the present study conditions. Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus : Glycaemic index : Rice https://doi.
doi:10.1079/bjn19920042 pmid:1622977 fatcat:ur2h5i3p4jeklmh4n2dpw6eiuy