3D Multi User Learning Environment Management - An Exploratory Study on Student Engagement with the Learning Environment [chapter]

Indika Perera, Colin Allison, Alan Miller
2012 Applications of Virtual Reality  
111 Archaeology (LAVA) (Getchell et al., 2010) project allows students to engage in a simulated archaeological excavation, and then explore a recreation of the site. Similar to the Wireless Island another research project, Network Island in OpenSim, developed a learning island to facilitate teaching network routing . Network Island simulates several routing protocol behavior as an interactive method. Students can create their own topologies and examine the routing behavior. As a part of the
more » ... uation of 3D MUVE for serious learning needs a network traffic analysis of 3D MUVE was performed (Oliver et al., 2010) to identify challenges. Second Life and OpenSim were used for teaching Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to undergraduate students, through creative student projects (Perera et al., 2009) . Research on integrating 3D MUVE with e-Learning infrastructure with the objective of formulating a blended learning environment with 3D support is conducted (Perera et al., 2010; Perera et al., 2011a) and the results facilitated this research.
doi:10.5772/36254 fatcat:fjpusbkwjvcsll6eey5mw6gbau